Demolition 2009

15. Conference „Demolition“

This annual conference took place on March 20 and 21, 2009 once again in Berlin (Germany). About 450 participants – from different countries – and 45 special exhibitors gathered at the Hotel Berlin. Nearly 20 reports focused on actual problems in demolition technique and led to lively discussions.

The opening report presented a summery of activities and results of the German Demolition Association (DA). Further reports gave an account of various demolition and deconstruction problems, for example

  • Accident prevention at demolition works – the results
  • Dangerous materials – an “endless” problem
  • Static calculations for demolition objects
  • The application of crushers in town areas
  • The clearance of a very high office building
  • New demolition regulations for damaged buildings caused by fire
  • Demolition works to built a new bridge
  • Success or failure of proposals for additional payments
  • New knowledges of demolition of inhabited houses
  • Technical parameters of demolition devices
  • Attention paid to cables and pipes
  • Contract problems with concrete sawing and drilling companies
  • The legality of renting mobile tools
  • The demolition of a 360 m high pylon
  • Results of the standard DIN 18459 “Demolition and deconstruction works”
  • The transmitting of demolition labour
  • A new alternative demolition method
  • Failures, bad lucks and misfortunes at demolition works
  • Demolition case studies: legislation and court decisions in Germany
  • Don´t make a mistake at offers

The organizer was ASCO GmbH, a German consulting firm for demolition and blasting technique. The participants represented all demolition associations and most of the big demolition companies of Germany. Specialists of consulting and controlling firms and state authorities also took part. In recent years the conference had been attended by specialists from Austria, Croatia,  Czech Republic, Great Britain, Estonia, France, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Russia and Switzerland.

The conference language was German, but a simultaneous translation into English could be offered, if several specialists would want it. Interesting excursions occured at the end of the conference.

The fee was Euro 321,30 including 19% VAT, conference papers, discussion, drinks, lunch, excursion and draught-beer on Friday evening.


16. Conference “Demolition”

March 19 and 20, 2010 in Berlin


If you have any questions or if you like to participate please contact:

ASCO GmbH, Mr. Dietrich Korth
Fax: +49 / 30 / 508 29 06


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